Ayurveda History

The word Ayurveda has derived from AYU and VEDA. AYU means life VEDA means Science or knowledge. That means the science of life. Charaka defines "That science is designated as Ayurveda where advantageous and disadvantageous as well as happy and unhappy states of life along with what is good and bad for life, its measurement and the life itself are described " (Charaka Sutra 1 - 4) Ayurveda embrace all living things, animate and inanimate. It is divided into three main branches Viz. Nara Ayurveda dealing with human life, Satva Ayurveda the science dealing with animal life and its diseases,Vriksha Ayurveda the science dealing with plant life its growth and diseases. When one goes deep into the science of Ayurveda, it is clear that this is not only a system of medicine but a way of living for complete positive health and spiritual attainments.
Ayurveda believes that the highest wealth one get is health. Righteous life, (Dharma), Wealth (Artha), fulfillment of desires (Kama) and attainment of salvation (Moksha), all these four factors depends on a healthy life.
Swasthya (Health) is defined as (a) Dosha Dhatu samya (well balanced metabolism) plus (b) Prasanna Atma, Indriya, Manah (a happy state of the being, the senses and the mind) sense here mean the five organs of perception Gana Indriya (smell, taste, sight, touch, and hearing) coupled with the organs of action Karma Indriya namely mouth, hands and feet, organs of excretion and reproduction. Read More........

Ayurveda Treatments

Ayurveda Body Massage

This is the application of oil on the body with the help of palms. The abhyanga (Massage) is used for relaxation, as well as giving tone to the muscles and promoting blood circulation. The regular application of oil gives longevity, strengthens the muscles and relieves fatigue. It also treats diseases of the nervous system (Vata Roga). The selection of the type of oil depends on the diagnosis of the physician and the duration of the treatment is usually for 30-40 minutes.
Ayurveda Head Oil Application

Application of oil and massage with the help of hands. Different types of oils are used according to the guest's condition and any ailments if present. It improves the blood circulation and prevents and cures headache and migraine. It also prevents and cures hair loss, baldness and premature graying of hair and helps hair growth. It promotes eye sight and clears the complexion of the face. It helps the individual to sleep and is good for stress and mental diseases. It is also good for conditions such as facial paralysis and hemiplegia (paralysis).
Ayurveda Facial Treatment
This is a wonderful holistic and non-invasive treatment that incorporates a unique blend of highly effective techniques drawn from both Japanese and Sri lankan face massage. It is aimed to achieve healthier and younger looking skin, whilst relaxing the whole body.
This massage is very good for: improving complexion, removing toxins from the face by lymphatic drainage, preventing and removing facial wrinkles and age spots, as well as balancing the emotions and prana or life force. Although it is impossible to fend off the aging process, this massage works towards reversing it, by releasing the face from any ingrained expressions and freeing tensions within the facial muscles and the connective tissues. It is performed with no oil or cream, making it ideal for anyone suffering from allergies to products.
Ayurveda Herbal Bath

Herbal leaves and roots are boiled and the water is poured on the patients. Different types of herbal water is used according to any prevalent ailment and the condition of the patient
Ayurveda Herbal Steam Bath

Vashpaswedanam or Ayurvedic Steam Bath was prevalent from ancient times, men and women have garnered its benefits. A special treatment in which leaves of medicinal plants are simmered and the body is exposed to the resulting steam. Good in flushing out impurities from the body, reducing obesity as well as excess fat and in the treatment of skin diseases.

After a body massage with oil you undergo this process. To step up the detoxification essential oils are used like lemon grass and eucalyptus oil.

Ayurveda Nasal treatment

Medicated oils, herbal juices, powders etc. are administered through the nose tract. This treatment is very effective for chronic sinusitis, chronic headache, migraine, facial paralysis, nasal congestion, cataract and diseases of eye, nose, ear, mouth and head.
Ayurveda Foot Massage
During foot massage, special attention is focused on the tender spots. This massage produces a reflect effect on the internal organs as well as creating a combined soothing and invigorating effect. Massage of the feet prevents and cures dryness, numbness, roughness, fatigue, and cracking of the heels. It strengthens walking and running.
Ayurveda Hotels

Sahanro Ayurvedic Treatments
Sigiriya Village, Sigiriya
jetwing vil uyana,sigiriya
Austain Beach Resort,Dikwella
Nuga Sewana Eden, Tangalle
Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort, Wadduwa
Paradise Island Resort, Bentota
Lotus-Villa, Ahungalle
Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort, Beruwela
Ayurveda Walauwa, Bentota
Moonhills Resorts and Hotels, Tangalle

Jetwing Beach, Negombo
Blue Oceanic Beach Hotel, Negombo
Mandara Resort, Mirissa
Weligama Bay Resort , Weligama
Weligama Bay Beach Hotel, Weligama
Oruthota Chalets Hotel, Kandy
Rani Holiday Village, Negombo
Temple Tree Resort and Spa, Induruwa
Villa Araliya, Negombo
Mudhouse, Anamaduwa
Ayurveda Pavilions, Negombo