Ayubowan! (You May Live Long)

We are recently established and Government approved fast growing leading Travel Agency. We opened our first branch in the Sultanate of Oman. This company was inaugurated by four active Directors who provide latest and accurate travel data with cheapest and safe services to our valuable clients. We provide worldwide principles with opportunity to experience the best of Sri Lanka. We are equipped with perhaps the finest resources and proven abilities to offer the best value of propositions to our clients. Our service covers all aspects of destination management and is backed by a reputation of being the most professional in the travel and tourism trade.
Our comprehensive range of services includes planning and executing unique tours and holidays that are customized to our clients divers needs and requirements. Every decision we make is led by our corporate philosophy which is aimed to realize the dream of our customers. The success proves that the principle of service with efficiency creates an environment in which great things can be accomplished. We are going to be the leaders of travel management in Sri Lanka. Today Golden Dream Travel is a major conglomerate with diverse interest in travel, travel related services, inbound and outbound tours, and holiday packages, leisure travels and cruise tours. Our Travel specialists not only offer personal experience and expertise to assist you, we are continually educating ourselves and becoming familiar with new products so that we can give you that perfect travel experience.
Our business philosophy is continued to add value for all our exiting and potential Customers and thereby inducing them to perform repeat purchases with the Golden Dream Travel.

Our Team

Managing Director&Director Administration
A. S Weerakoon
Director Advertising &Personnel
Dawson . W. A.Shedden
Marketing Director & Tour Operation

Services Offered
Inbound And International Tours & Travels

Provide personalized touch to the trip by offering unsurpassed services such as Hotel Booking, Air Ticketing, Transport and Coach Rental, You can choose Cruise Tours, Railway Tours, Coach Tours, Incentive Tours, Pilgrimage Tours, Package Tours, Group Tours, Individual Tours, Safari Tours, Adventure Tours, Culture and Heritage Tours, Nature and Environment Tours, Wildlife Tours, Diving and Surfing with tailor made itineraries and Honey Moon packages
We arrange all type of Visa for our passengers. Also we assist the passengers (if require to apply visa personally) we take nominal service charge for the same.
We arrange documents (application) to take passports.
We arrange facility to change Foreign Currency and Travelers Cheques.

The Undiscovered Country

You might say Sri Lanka has been hiding in plain sight. Sri Lanka is an Island. Area of Sri Lanka is 65610 square kilometers with a Population of 21 million. Official languages are Sinhalese, Tamil and English. Main religions in Sri Lanka are Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu and Islam. From The history, Sri Lanka was referred by many names such as Taprobane, Serendib, Callao, Zellan and Ceylon as well as some nations mentioned Sri Lanka like The Perl of Indian Ocean, Paradise and Heaven of the world, Eastern Granary and Lipton’s Tea Garden. Our cultural heritage is older than 2500 years. The natural beauty of Sri Lanka’s World famous Rain Forests, Tropical Forests, Brilliant Blue Waters, Golden Sand Beaches, Coral Reefs, Wild Life and Landscape, as well as its rich Cultural Heritage, make it a world famous tourist destination.
Sigiriya, also known as Lion Mountain is most suitably the world’s eight wonder. UNESCO has declared 7 sites in Sri Lanka as world heritage sites. Apart from this, the magical Island holds Natural Harbors such as Trincomalee Harbor, Virgin Beaches such as Pigeon Island Beach, magnificent waterfalls, Tropical and Rain Forest with Historical Ruins. The Island is rich in various types of Spice as well as variety of most valuable Gems, Pearls, Mineral, Flora and Fauna.
Sri Lanka is also famous for its Food and Hospitality. Sri Lanka has an extensive numbers of indigenous Dishes, Fruits and Spices. Over the last centuries Lankan cuisine is complemented with Indian, Chinese, Malay, Arabian and European tastes. Rice and Curry is the Sri Lankans’ traditional Food.

Our Vision

Our ultimate desire is to provide our clients the best experience, comfortable with safe tours, kind and honest treatments, best available services and cheapest price.

Our Goal

Our Ultimate Goal is lead the way on customers’ satisfaction.
Sri Lanka is spectacular
Sri Lanka is affordable
Sri Lanka is still mostly un-crowded
Now is the best time to discover it.
Ready to go?